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Turmeric Coconut Braised Cabbage With Chickpeas and Caramelized Shiitake Mushrooms

Turmeric Coconut Braised Cabbage With Chickpeas and Shiitake Mushrooms

I love the rich yellow color and healthiness of turmeric. The rich yellow color of these cabbage steaks is gorgeous. I saw this recipe on the Basically blog and just had to make it. Happily, the original recipe is vegan and was pretty easy to make!

Have you tried Savoy Cabbage?

Savoy Cabbage is my favorite variety of cabbage because I love the crinkly leaves, and the taste is a little milder than typical green cabbage. Savoy has a beautiful texture.

I highly recommend trying the Savoy Cabbage if you have not had it before. You can find them in season in your local farmers markets in the late Fall to Winter season. Some grocery stores carry them all year.

Green Savoy Cabbage

Adjustment time

Here are the recipe modifications I made:

  • For the green chile, I used chopped Poblano instead of Serrano because I wanted a milder heat.

  • I made stock using the Better Than Bouillon Vegetable No Chicken Base which is vegan-friendly.

  • Used avocado oil instead of olive oil because that's what I had.

  • Added sliced caramelized shiitake mushrooms for some meatiness. Used 3 large shiitakes.

  • In Step 2 before cooking the cabbage, I sauteed the sliced shiitakes seasoned with some salt, pepper and garlic powder in a little avocado oil until the mushrooms were caramelized for a savory umami flavor.

When the mushrooms were done cooking, I removed the shiitakes from the pan and put on a plate for later. I mixed the cooked shiitakes back in during Step 6 when the cabbage was done cooking.

  • I added juice from half a lemon for a little tangy citrus boost.

Meal time

Meal Braised Cabbage Chickpeas Shiitake Mushrooms Tofu Scramble Snap Peas Rice

For a dinner meal, I plated the cabbage with a scoop of turmeric Jade Rice and Quinoa blend, tofu scramble with spinach, and snap peas sauteed in a little sesame oil and seasoned with salt and garlic powder.

Lots of protein and fiber with this meal of plant-based deliciousness.


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Image by Li-An Lim


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