Vegan Filipino-style Tofu "Egg" Scramble + Two Secrets To Making A Soft Scrambled Egg-like Dish

I eat this Filipino-style tofu egg scramble almost weekly because I love it so much! The taste and texture of this scramble is so close to chicken egg scramble with the bonus that you get the protein without the cholesterol.

Growing up my mom would often cook me and my brothers a traditional Filipino breakfast which has 3 parts: garlic fried rice + Filipino-style scrambled eggs = "silog", plus a meat like sausage, fried Spam (luncheon meat), pork tocino, or sweet longganisa pork sausage.

Here's an example of vegan Spamsilog which is fried Spam + silog. In this case, the vegan Spam is OmniFoods vegan, plant-based OmniPork luncheon meat which amazingly tastes just like the original animal-based SPAM.

Vegan Filipino Spamsilog OmniPork Luncheon Meat Tofu Scramble Garlic Rice

The soft scramble texture secret

Making the tofu scramble Filipino style is pretty easy. When using tofu as a scrambled egg substitute there's a secret I learned to make the texture closer to soft scrambled eggs.

That secret is using two types of tofu: firm + silken.

The soft scramble taste secret

This ingredient will add an "egg" flavor comparable to the taste of hard-boiled egg yolk to your tofu scramble.

That ingredient is Indian Black Salt also known as Kala Namak.

Kala Namak is actually pink in color and not black in color despite its namesake. With my recipe for Filipino-style scrambled eggs, you won't need this egg flavoring ingredient, but feel free to try it.

Use either the Better Than Bouillon vegan chicken base or Kala Namak

In this recipe, I use the Better Than Bouillon vegan chicken base which for my palate adds a hint of chickeny flavor I prefer. The Kala Namak will add more of an egg yokey flavor.

Choose which taste you prefer. Using both to me is kind of overwhelming, so I recommend using one or the other especially for your first time. But, if you feel adventurous, try making this tofu scramble using both and let me know what you think.