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Kumusta ka! I'm Stephanie Quilao and welcome. I am a 2nd generation Filipina, Gen Xer, vegan, home cooking enthusiast, and former Silicon Valley road warrior and startup Founder.

I'm a changemaker who is taking creative and empathetic action to help solve a social problem.

In 2021, primarily concerned about the future of my nieces and forthcoming generations, I had enough of feeling like a passive bystander witnessing fires induced by the climate crisis burn around me here in California.

So, I decided to become a full-time content creator and activist focusing on normalizing plant-based eating for climate action at the intersection of food, climate change and policy.

I'm guessing you're feeling a call to action too. I'm with you. So, what are we going to do about it?

Vegan Adobo Gardein Chicken Pancit Lumpia



In my home state of California, I have witnessed firsthand the climate crisis literally burning before our eyes and at our feet. We are in a climate emergency and something has to be done NOW.

As an Activist, my top issue is to help end the factory farm system, and help grow the plant-based economy. Covering policies from the local to federal levels will also be crucial for systemic change.

As a Content Creator, I want to help normalize plant-based eating, and show how plant-based eating is delicious and aspirational.

My intention is to help educate, inspire and galvanize more people to get involved in climate action at the personal level, and in the climate movement at the macro level because it is going to take millions of us coming together to help stop the worsening climate crisis and get the bold climate action policies needed at this crucial time.

As a Filipino, in our culture, food is love. Food is community. Food is something that brings people from all walks of life together. I have always resonated with that which is why food is my focus area and how I can use my creativity in my activism. 

I became vegan in 2018. Here is my story on how and why I made that shift. Eating a more plant-rich diet is one of the powerful ways we can create more healthiness for ourselves and the planet.

Into The Horizon_edited.jpg


On a personal level, I'm going to share my journey and experience as a new activist in hopes that my sharing emboldens others to do similar especially my fellow Gen Xers.

Our generation may be smaller compared to the Millennials and Boomers, but we're mighty. I like to think that the X stands for Extraordinary because frankly it's quite amazing how our generation survived being latchkey kids, the war on drugs, asbestos, AIDS, Reaganomics, stranger danger, the S&L collapse, and we had no internet growing up. Microfiche was our Google. We recorded songs from the radio onto our tape cassette recorder. We used actual paper maps to get around, and still always found our way.

Gen Xers were built and trained for this moment in history. Many of us are now in positions of power and influence, and are parents, a caregiver to our parent(s), aunts, uncles, godparents, and even grandparents. We have much to protect for current and future generations.

This is the first time in my life I've ever decided to be an activist. I don't have a plan nor know exactly what I'm doing, but I'm rising to the occasion. I'll figure it out along the way like countless others.

I'm using my skills and training as a former Silicon Valley marketing executive, startup founder, and healthy living + food blogger and social media influencer. I'm treating my new chapter as an activist kinda like it's a startup. I thrive and do my best work when I'm in startup energy.

For now, what I have been doing is starting out each morning with this question, "What can I do today to help normalize plant-based eating, and help advance the climate movement?"

I invite you to join us! If you've read this far, I'm guessing you're either already on board becoming an activist or you've been thinking about it (a lot, amiright?)

Welcome my fellow changemaker! Let's do this. Mother Earth needs our help now.

I don't have a roadmap of plans or goals, but I do have a clear vision - help mobilize millions of people to get involved in the climate movement.


Image by Li-An Lim


I am a self funded activist. If you appreciate the work I do, and would like to contribute to help me to continue to do this work, I would be very grateful for your support. Thank you!

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