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Well Being Tips: Walking Is Like Meditation With Exercise

Stephanie Quilao in foreground wearing earphones during a walk with lots of clouds in a clear blue sky.

Up until about five years ago, I was a runner and HIIT junkie when it came to exercise. If I didn’t feel the heart-pumping, breathe-pushing rush, then I didn’t consider it “really exercising.”

Oh how misguided I was.

I stopped running because over three decades of running caught up and my knees could no longer handle the stress, but more importantly I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

Yes, I was still getting the adrenaline hit from running but afterward I was not experiencing the calm and relaxing feeling anymore because I’d be feeling pains in either my knees, hips or lower back, or sometimes all at once.

Running in your 50s is not the same experience as running in your youth. So, I started walking because it was still exercise and I was still outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

The more time I spent walking, the more I found it meditative especially when I went for walks early-ish in the morning when most of my neighbors had left for work or the kids were in school for the day, or during the weekend when many were still asleep.

It’s nice and tranquil when the world feels like it’s calm and still around you making it easier to get into an inner state of calm and mind clearing when walking in a relaxed state.

During morning walks, the early sun feels really nice and soothing on your skin which also gives you valuable vitamin D.

When meditating at home, sometimes I would listen to background music on YouTube of soothing water running down a river through a forest. With walking, I can get that actual sound and feeling by taking a walk through a forest, or national park, or get soothing ocean sounds walking along a beach.

Stepping on grass and wandering among trees feels majestic and grounding with Mother Earth energy.

My mind gets clear, and still. Thoughts are no longer racing through my brain. I can feel centered more easily. It’s a wonderful feeling of mindfulness.

Walking especially amongst nature can easily put you in a restful and relaxing state while simultaneously incorporating some quality exercise, and help with reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. It’s all kinds of win!

Well being tips: Walking is like meditation with exercise. Try incorporating more walks into your week for overall well being.

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Image by Li-An Lim


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