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Easy Vegan Oyakodon (Plant-based Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)

Vegan Oyakodon rice bowl with Daring chicken and tofu egg

Oyakodon is a popular Japanese donburi (rice bowl dish) that consists of chicken and egg. The word oyakodon means "parent and child" thus the chicken and egg combination.

Making a vegan version of Oyakodon is pretty easy. Meat eaters would equally enjoy this bowl. I took this Oyakodon recipe by Japan Centre and veganized it.

The parent part

For the chicken, I used Daring brand Original Plant Chicken Pieces which are GMO-free and gluten-free. For dishes that require sauteeing chicken like in a stir-fry, I really like the texture of Daring's soy-based, plant-based chicken.

The child part

For the soft scrambled egg in the oyakodon, you can either use:

  • A plant-based scrambled egg like Just Egg

  • A tofu "egg" scramble

I used a tofu scramble because I had some leftover from dinner the night before. Here's my recipe for a Filipino-style tofu "egg" scramble.

Vegan dashi

Dashi is a Japanese stock used in making Oyakodon. You can buy pre-made dashi easily found in Asian markets. I decided to be adventurous and made homemade vegan dashi that is packed with vitamin D. Here's my vegan dashi recipe.

Vegan Oyakodon Donburi Rice Bowl Daring Plant-based Chicken

To summarize, the ingredients you'll need to make a vegan version of this Oyakodon recipe by Japan Centre are:

  • One bag of Daring Food plant-based chicken which is about the same amount called for in the recipe or a comparable plant-based chicken.

  • Vegan dashi

  • Tofu "egg" scramble or use a plant-based egg scramble like Just Egg or Simply Eggless.

  • Onion

  • Soy sauce

  • Mirin

  • Bowl of cooked rice

  • 1 green onion

Follow the recipe instructions using the plant-based ingredients. The Daring chicken only takes about 7 minutes to cook versus the 12 minutes called for in the recipe for animal-based chicken.


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Image by Li-An Lim


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