Meal Idea: Vegan Chili, Quinoa and Kale Salad Bowl

This vegan chili and quinoa bowl is so easy and fast to make! It's packed with protein, fiber, healthy fat in avocado and nutrients.

This plant-based bowl consists of:

  • Vegan chili

  • Turmeric quinoa

  • Chopped kale with chopped cherry tomatoes and avocado with a vinaigrette drizzle.

  • Vegan sour cream

  • Chopped green onions

For the chili, you can use pre-made vegan chili in a can like Amy's organic chili, Gardein Plant-based Chili with Beans, or Bush Beans chilis,

Or make some homemade chili which is easy to make. Here's one of my favorite chili recipes for, "Easy Vegan Black Bean Chili."

Easy Vegan Black Bean Chili