Motivated to Act: 5 Ways To Start Getting Involved in Climate Action

Updated: May 12

If you’re reading this, I take it you’ve reached the point where you no longer want to be a bystander watching the climate crisis get worse. The data is clear: we are now in a climate emergency that is the biggest threat to our planet and future generations.

You are convinced, and are now motivated to get involved in climate action, but you are not sure where to start.

Let me start by saying, “THANK YOU!” We need all hands on deck, and the fact that you are feeling galvanized to get involved at this critical crossroads to take action is significant and meaningful. You are needed!

Here are five ways you can start getting involved in climate action and make a difference.

Answer this: What is your WHY?

For this one, grab a refreshing drink, a pen and paper, and find a grounded place where you can write and brainstorm in a stream of consciousness and creativity.

“What is your WHY? Why are you getting involved in climate action now?”

Start writing your answer in free flow jotting down whatever comes to you without thinking too hard about it. Let your subconscious express itself through your pen and paper. You’ll probably be surprised and amazed in what comes up.

Answering this question is good to help you clarify your climate action intentions, but most importantly it will help you craft your personal story to share with others.

While out in the field doing that climate action thing, a common question I find I’m asked most often is, “Why are you involved in climate action?” Read my personal WHY? answer in my About page.

Writing your answer to this question is great content for you to use to help inspire others into getting involved in climate action. Use this content to write a blog post, an editorial in your local newspaper, a Facebook post, or an Instagram post that you can share with others. It’s also a script for you to tell your story on video, create some reels, shorts, and tiktoks, and share it on your social media accounts.

Your personal story is a powerful tool. We need all hands on deck right now, and your WHY, your story, could be the thing that helps inspire someone else to get involved too.

Protest sign There is no planet B

photo credit: Markus Spiske

Find an area of focus that resonates with you

The climate crisis is an intersection of multiple areas impacted by global warming. It’s a massive task at hand, and where to even begin can be an overwhelming thing.

Narrow down a couple areas that interest you and resonate with you the most, and then start looking for people, organizations, and climate action campaigns that fall in that niche.

For example, my area of interest is in food and agriculture. Watching the documentary Cowspiracy (on Netflix) inspired me to learn more about the factory farm system which was a topic that really resonated with me.

Animal activism was a potential avenue for me to go into to help educate people about the factory farm system’s impact on climate change tied into how animals are treated in our food system. I had been a healthy eating blogger in the past, and cooking and food photography have always been passions of mine, so I eventually found my lane with normalizing plant-based for climate action.

If you have multiple interests or are not clear where to begin, a good place to start is by looking at the recent 2022 IPCC Report, “​​Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.” The report chapters are broken into categories which can help you find an area of interest for you like the ocean, continental interests, health, forests, water, economy, family planning, energy, transportation, and more.

On social media, start looking for the influencers, organizations, and events in your area of interest, and see what they are talking about and doing. Going to the speaker list of a climate summit or event is a great way to find influencers and experts in your area of interest.