BEGINNERS GUIDE: How To Go Vegan or Plant-based

Updated: Nov 15

Vegan Bowl Chili, Rice, Avocado, Kale Salad
Vegan Chili WIth Black and Pinquito Beans, Turmeric Brown Rice, Avocado, And Kale Salad

Welcome! So you have made the decision to go vegan or plant-based and need some help on how to get started. First, let me say that you are awesome. THANK YOU!

I am more than happy to help jumpstart your transition! I got you.


I feel you + applaud you

I empathize that this is a big change for some of you because beyond food, this shift also means social, cultural, and emotional change as we live in cultures where animal-based foods and products like clothing, makeup, and furniture are not only the norm, these foods and products are also tied to identity and tradition.

You are daring to break out of social norms and programming and live more in alignment with your beliefs and values, so bravo to you!

That time I thought I could never be vegan and was so wrong

I am the only vegan on both sides of my huge Filipino family. There was also a time when I never thought I could go vegan. I believed I could never let go of my favorite Filipino foods like adobo, lumpia, and Pinakbet, and thankfully I was wrong.

Before I went vegan in 2018, I had never met, seen or knew of the existence of any vegan Filipinos. I have one cousin who is married to a vegetarian and another cousin who is pescatarian, and that's about it in my large family.

My transition actually took about 7 years in the making. Going vegan was one of the best decisions I've ever made! No FOMO here.

Filipino Vegan Adobo Lumpia Pancit Garlic Rice
Vegan Chick'n Filipino Adobo, Veg Pancit, Veg Lumpia, Garlic Rice

Here you will always have support and encouragement. My experience with vegans is that they are highly supportive and happy to help anyone who is new to veganism or going plant-based.

Vegan/Plant-based Jumpstart

Ok, let's get you started. Here are some easy, immediate, doable actions you can do to get started with some resources and tools to help you.

Create a transition plan

One of the things that differentiates my view on becoming vegan or plant-based from other typical advice is that I recommend a transition plan that goes from about 6 months to a year where you gradually eliminate animal-based foods.

I know this seems like a LONG TIME. But really, it will go by fast and it will help prepare you physically, emotionally, and socially for long term success where the process feels more at ease versus a cold turkey type no pain, no gain approach.

Collage farmers market produce blueberries strawberries squash chard

Here's the top 2 reasons why I support a long transition time:

  • Your gut microbiome needs to time to adjust. The microbiome in a vegan and plant-based gut is significantly different than the gut microbiome that's used to animal-based foods and drinks.

A common issue new vegan and plant-based eaters have is consuming too much fiber too soon. Your microbiome isn't adjusted for fast change like that so problems can happen like gas (farting), bloating, and upset tummy.

One of the best on gut microbiome and plant-based eating is Dr. Will Bulsiewicz aka Dr. B. "The Gut Health MD" on Instagram. Do follow him. His IG is packed with great information. Here's a podcast to start getting you familiar with Dr. B - "A fiber fueled microbiome."

  • Our subconscious tends to not like fast drastic change leaping out of the comfort zone, and unleashes the inner resistance monster to reel us back into the old habits.

On top of that, there is the fact that the meat eaters around you can vary from being supportive to sabotaging depending on how they react to you making a big change like this. You're changing the status quo so resistance is going to happen.

When there's a longer, slower transition process, change happens under the radar with less stress and opposition.

I have nothing against going the cold turkey route. If you do better with a fully all in, fast and furious style, BRAVO, go for it! I support you too.

The important thing is you're transitioning away from the animal-based consumption to plant-based, vegan consumption, and that's all that really matters here. So kudos!

Bowl Vegan Orange Chicken Fried Rice Egg Roll Broccoli
Trader Joe's Vegan Orange Chicken, Fried Rice, Veg Egg Roll and Mixed Greens

Taylor your transition plan to fit your needs and goals. Some suggestions:

  • Cut out one animal at a time. A good place to start is eliminating beef since it has the highest emissions and water footprint. I started with eliminating chicken. I saw the documentary Food Inc and it did something to my subconscious to where I woke up two days later and all desire for chicken was gone.

  • Do Meatless Mondays. Start doing 1-day a week eating plant-based. Then when that feels solid, do 2-days a week, and so on until you get to 7 days a week.

  • Do a Mark Bittman style "Eat Vegan Before 6pm," which is basically eat plant-based for breakfast, lunch and a snack, and dinner is anything goes.

  • Switch from cow or goat milk to plant-based milks like oat, almond, soy, coconut, pea (Ripple), rice, macadamia, hemp.

  • For plant-based butter, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, coffee creamer, and ice cream there is a vast variety of choices.

There is no rush in transitioning. As I mentioned before, personally it took me a long while to shift. I started out thinking I could never be vegan which I'm so glad I proved myself wrong.

Take the time you and your body need so you can achieve long term success.