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Fall Soup Inspiration: Protein Packed White Bean, Kale, Carrot and Mexican Vegan Crumbles

Bowl of vegan soup: White Bean, Kale, Carrot and Lightlife Mexican Vegan Crumbles

Fall is here and this is a great soup to help keep you warm and filled up! This soup is a protein packed vegan white bean and kale soup also loaded with fiber, and is pretty quick and easy to make.

I veganized and slightly modified this recipe from New York Times Cooking, "Lemony White Bean Soup With Turkey and Greens.

2-photo collage: Photo 1 is a pot of vegan soup White Bean, Kale, Carrot and Lightlife Mexican Vegan Crumbles. Photo 2 is Stephanie Quilao sitting at kitchen table eating the soup.

My recipe modifications:

  • For white beans, I used organic Cannellini beans.

  • Instead of dicing carrots, I shredded a carrot on a box grater using the large holes because for me it's easier than dicing and I like the shredded carrot look. I added the shredded carrots at the end with the greens because shredded carrots cook fast.

  • For greens, I used organic kale. I only cooked the kale for 5 minutes which was perfect.

  • To replace turkey, I used the Lightlife Smart Ground Mexican Plant-based Crumbles which are soy-based with wheat gluten, so it's not gluten-free*. Using these crumbles, adding cumin isn't necessary plus cut the salt by half using 1/2 teaspoon instead of 1 teaspoon called out in the NYT recipe.

  • For the chicken stock, I used the vegan Better Than Bouillon No Chicken Base.

  • For herbs, I used parsley because I love the earthy peppery flavor of parsley.

*Note: Lightlife also has an Original Flavor Smart Ground Crumbles if you don't want to use the Mexican flavored version. For a gluten-free option, using TVP (textured vegetable protein) would be great to use for protein in this soup.


The next day I got the inspiration to add chunks of roasted sweet potato to the soup, and yup gamechanger! NOW, it really feels and tastes like a Fall season soup.

I highly recommend adding in roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, or Japanese sweet potato. Makes the soup even more filling and delicious!

Bowl of Protein Packed Soup With White Beans, Kale, Carrot, Mexican Vegan Crumbles and Roasted Sweet Potato.


For Pinterest:
Pin for Pinterest of Fall Soup Inspiration: White Bean, Kale, Carrot and Lightlife Mexican Vegan Crumbles

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