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Vegan Meal Idea: Pizza With Green Salad

This is an easy and quick delicious meal to put together because you basically just need a frozen pizza, a bag of salad mix, and any additional toppings to add to the pizza.

I used the Blackbird Supreme vegan, plant-based pizza which is my favorite bake at home frozen pizza although the Trader Joe's Vegan Meatless Meat Eaters pizza is a close second. It's available at Target, but also check your local markets. With frozen pizza, I always add extra toppings because I'm extra like that. Get creative with your pizza!

Added toppings on this pizza:

  • Shishito peppers

  • Mushrooms

  • Black olives

  • Onions

  • Extra pizza sauce

Thankfully there are many brand options for frozen vegan pizza nowadays, but definitely try the Blackbird Supreme pizza and Trader Joe's Vegan Meatless Meat Eaters pizza if you see it.

My green salad has arugula and kale mixed with some of the Sweet Kale Gourmet Salad mix I bought at Costco. I added the extra kale because I like kale. In my salad, I also added some tempeh bacon bits, chopped snap peas, carrots, beets (also from Costco), and leftover quinoa salad.

Finally, thank goodness vegan Ranch dressing exists because I'm one of those who loves to dip pizza in Ranch. And again, thankfully, there are many brand options of vegan Ranch you can buy bottled off the shelf.


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